Global Sourcing Simplified:
Elevate Your Business with ATRIH


ATRIH streamlines global sourcing for businesses, offering end-to-end solutions from product discovery to delivery,
enabling them to enhance their product range and boost their bottom line by 200-300% annually.

Empower Your Business with Global Sourcing Excellence

ATRIH, your global trade ally, specializes in product sourcing, supplier verification, quality control, and logistics. With extensive industry experience, our team is committed to delivering efficient, reliable services, ensuring you access the best products from trustworthy suppliers. Let us be your primary source for all your sourcing needs,
guaranteeing quality across diverse categories from initial concept to large-scale production.

Our Promises


Comprehensive Coverage : Excellence in sourcing everything from cosmetic primary packaging to kitchenware.


Diverse RangeA broad selection of products, including housewares and auto accessories, tailored for your market.


Quality Assurance : Strict quality checks to ensure top-grade products across all categories.


Market Insights : Stay updated with the latest trends in pet products, kitchen gadgets, and beyond.


Optimized Logistics : Streamlined logistics for cost-effective, timely delivery.


Seamless Support : End-to-end assistance, ensuring smooth sourcing from promotional items to everyday essentials.

Our Service Plans

Essential Sourcing Plan


Conducts market research to identify potential suppliers in China and India.

Performs initial supplier verification to ensure reliability and compliance.

Facilitates sample collection for quality assessment, emphasizing quality assurance.

Provides basic negotiation support to secure favorable pricing and terms.

Advanced Sourcing Plan


Offers comprehensive market analysis and supplier scouting in key markets.

Includes enhanced supplier verification with factory audits for quality assurance.

Conducts thorough quality control inspections, complete with detailed reporting.

Assists with negotiation and logistics planning, tailoring solutions to your needs.

Develops customized sourcing strategies, aligning with your business objectives.

Premium Sourcing Plan


A dedicated account manager ensures personalized and tailored service.

Extensive market research and supplier development programs unlock the best sourcing opportunities.

Rigorous quality assurance processes, including pre-shipment inspections, guarantee superior product standards.

Comprehensive logistics and customs clearance solutions streamline your supply chain.

Continuous supply chain consulting promotes ongoing improvement and innovation.

Our Process

Consultation & Strategy Development: Starting with an in-depth analysis of your business, we align on goals to systematize your design and manufacturing process, reducing COGS, and addressing capacity for your major SKUs.

Supplier Verification & Quality Control: Our rigorous approach ensures we partner with reliable suppliers, guaranteeing quality and compliance, essential for scaling e-commerce and Amazon businesses.

Logistics & Shipping Mastery: Navigating logistics challenges, we streamline shipping, ensuring your products reach their destination timely and cost-effectively.

Continuous Improvement & Innovation: Shifting focus from the Alibaba “rabbit hole” to strategic innovation, we systematize the creative process, enhancing your existing product line and exploring new market opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes ATRIH Different from Other Sourcing Agents?

ATRIH stands out through our comprehensive coverage in product sourcing, including specialized areas
like primary packaging for cosmetics, alongside pet products, housewares, and more. Our dedicated team

ensures quality assurance, optimized logistics, and seamless support from initial concepts to large-scale production, backed by years of experience in product development and direct-to-consumer brand growth.

How Does ATRIH Ensure the Quality of Products?

Our rigorous quality control process involves meticulous inspections and compliance checks at every stage, from the supplier to the final delivery. Our team’s on-ground presence in key markets like China allows us to monitor the production process closely, ensuring the products meet both international standards and your specific requirements.

Can ATRIH Help Reduce My Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)?

Absolutely. Reducing COGS is a primary goal for many of our clients, and we achieve this through strategic supplier negotiations, optimized manufacturing processes, and efficient logistics planning. Our partnership approach has been proven to significantly lower COGS, as evidenced by the success stories of our diverse client portfolio.

What Types of Products Can ATRIH Help Me Source?

ATRIH can assist you in sourcing a wide range of products including, but not limited to, primary packaging for cosmetics, pet products, houseware, kitchenware, gift and promotional items, and auto accessories. Our expertise spans across various industries, ensuring you access the best products tailored to
your market needs.

How Does ATRIH Handle Logistics and Shipping?

We offer streamlined logistics solutions tailored to each product category, ensuring cost savings and prompt delivery. Our services include warehousing, consolidation, and shipping across all major methods—courier, air freight, sea freight, and train. We handle the entire shipping process, from China to your doorstep, including customs and import procedures.

Can ATRIH Support Small and Medium-sized Businesses?

Yes, ATRIH is dedicated to supporting businesses of all sizes, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations. Our flexible service plans, including the Professional and Basic Plans, are designed to cater to the varied needs of our clients, ensuring personalized solutions that support growth and scalability.